A Master of Wudang Long Men School about his life

A childhood prodigy, Yun Xiang Tseng (Chen) was trained from the age of 6 on China's sacred Wudang Mountain. He is a 25th generation Longmen (Dragon Gate) Taoist Priest charged with the mission to bring the ancient wisdom of Wudang Taoism to the west. World-renowned martial artist, teacher and healer, Chen makes the purity and sanctity of mystical texts, oral lineages and ancient philosophies and practices entertaining and accessible. Here is a brief interview to give an introduction to Master Chen.

 Your teacher, Grandmaster Li, was an esteemed female Grandmaster who lived to 130 years old. What was she like?

 Li Chen Yu was the 24th generation master of Longmen Tradition of Taoism. Chen means sincere. Yu means jade, as in purity. Sincere Pure Jade was her Taoist first name. She went to live in the temple at 8 years old, and she also followed a female master. When she went there she had tremendous discipline and devotion to Taoism, and passion for humanity. Her mission was to enlighten as many as possible in her life journey, and she always put mercy and love above everything. She had such a strong love of humanity, and would always help those physically, emotionally, spiritually in need. She really inspired me. Once the Red Guard dragged her 300 feet from the temple behind a horse, which broke her hip, and she never expressed strong emotion toward the young men, she asked us to forgive them for their ignorance.

How did she find you?

She found me when I was 6 and she was already 100 years old, in a vision and using I Ching. She had very specific information about who I was and the day I would be found. She sent Master Guo (who would become Chen's Kung Fu master) from Wu Dang Mountain 1000 miles—by train, by foot over mountains, by boat—all during the Cultural Revolution, when priests must be in hiding or they could be killed.
Master Li trained me from 6-16 years old, and how it is done in the temple is you live closely together. I washed her underwear, brushed her hair, cooked her food. She continually tested my virtue, training my mind, body and spirit so she could trust me and pass down the Longman lineage and its secrets of immortality, healing, religion and culture. Her wish for me was to preserve this lineage and pass it on in the western world and to find my successors here. I worked 18 hours a day studying with eagerness and passion to pursue the mystical arts so I could pass them on, to share their gifts and inspiration to future generations.

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