The Fake Daoist?

by Zhou Xuan Yun

Just recently, I received an e-mail asking an interesting question:

“How do you know if someone calling himself a Daoist priest is genuinely a Daoist priest. Is there any way to check?”

As Daoism grows in popularity, some people may call themselves a Daoist priest as a way of marketing their business. So how can you tell if their claim is true?

Actually, the qualities that you should look for in a Daoist priest are the same as other teachers.

If you wanted to learn medicine, who would you want as your teacher?

1. Someone who has a relationship with hospitals and other doctors.
2. Someone who is still practicing medicine, or practiced medicine for a very long time.
3. Someone who believes in their craft and works to improve.

These three characteristics can be summed up as lineage, practice, and faith.

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