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Trouble - Teatime in Heiligendamm,
the award winning documentary film of the 2007 G8 Summit in Germany is available online for free
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In the shadow of the G8 Summit starting today in L'Aquia Italy (July 8-10 2009), The Mind Pirates have released their documentary with 100 directors online and offer it for free for all to see and share. This copyleft approach to film distribution hopes the voices and actions of the past, can teach and inspire the voices of the future.

The 2007 G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, Germany - A summer fairytale, a blooming corn poppy, a brilliant blue sky. An unbelievably large and menacing fence cuts through the picturesque landscape. Police caravans, journalists, and activists face off for days in these fields like medieval armies. Elsewhere, artists despair over a public that confuses pop with protest. Bob Geldof, Bono, and Herbert Grönemeyer preach on the "Your Voice Against Poverty" stage, while Rostock locals would obviously rather be eating a bratwurst. Left-wing anarchists try to set everything on fire, though they only manage to get to one car and a few trash bins. Interviews with the likes of Muhammad Yunus (winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize), Wim Wenders (filmmaker), Susan George (former vice-president of ATTAC France), Bono (U2 frontman), and Campino (singer of Die Toten Hosen) are mixed in with questions and commentary from police, activists, and locals.

TROUBLE presents a broad spectrum of voices and impressions around the G8 Summit. A team of 100 filmmakers, editors, photographers, designers, bloggers, programmers, project managers, and one cook made up the dropping knowledge summercamp. With their own eyes and perspectives, they produced over 100 short films in only 2 weeks. "Our people came back from riots, concerts, and political discussions, sat down at their computer, and edited their films that night," recalls project initiator and producer Ralf Schmerberg. "Meanwhile, in the next room, someone was composing music and designing graphics for the films. Before the next morning, the films would already be on the Internet, which created competition for mainstream media outlets." Once they returned to Berlin, the team faced a mountain of material and shaped it into TROUBLE, a feature-length cinematic journal of those eventful weeks in Rostock. Many pieces came together as one, resulting in a film comprised of many different styles, and one that constantly shifts between G8 events, giving the impression that everything is happening all at once.

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